Next Steps

Ready to go deeper into fostering or adoption? Let’s take the next step.

Many of you have expressed an interest in learning more about foster care or adoption, but aren’t sure where to begin. Below are some great starting places to learn more. If you still have questions or would like more direction, please feel free to let us know!

  1. It’s always helpful to talk with someone that has been through it.
    There are many in our area that are currently fostering, have adopted, or have been in the system in some way. Pick their brain! Ask questions! Learn all you can from their experience, keeping in mind that every case is unique so it may not look the exact same for you.

    Two great contacts that would be willing to speak with anyone interested are Wendy Kilburn and Hammy Hams. Feel free to message them on Facebook!

  2. Start learning all you can about children from hard places and trauma.
    Some great resources can be found at the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development Facebook page. We also highly recommend Dr. Purvis’ book The Connected Child. Also, talk to adult adoptees or those that grew up in the foster care system. Reach out to us for their contact info.

  3. Decide on an agency, or if you’d like to be licensed straight through DFPS.
    There’s no right or wrong answer here. People have different opinions on either way you choose to go. Some have found that it’s been helpful, and they’ve received more support, through an agency, others have said they’ve done both and not noticed a difference. We would suggest making time to learn about each organization and prayerfully consider what might be a good fit for you. Many of the places listed below will hold informational meetings from time to time, but you definitely do not have to wait for a meeting to be held to contact them to learn more!

Here is a list of local CPAs (Child Placing Agencies):

Circles of Care

Contact: Kirsten Wigley
Office: 1 (866) 501-1414
Cell: (254) 780-7680

Giacosa Foundation

Contacts: Lisa Roberts,;
Charles “Skeeta” Jenkins,
Phone: (254)931-8392

A World for Children

Contact: Megan Light
Phone: (512) 218-4400
Mobile: (512) 964-4615

Lighthouse Family Network

Contact: Linda Lopez
Phone: (254) 947-3152

Arrow Child and Family Ministries

Contact: Chelsea Chapman
Phone: (254)752-2100

Therapeutic Family Life

Contact: Susan West
Phone: (254) 773-3313

Pathways Youth and Family Services

Contact: Ashley Cox
Phone: 254.548.4784


Contact: Miriam Willis
Phone: 254-933-7155.

Bright Future

Contact: Rachel Dean
Phone: (254) 933-8162


Contact: Katelyn Borden
Phone: 512-246-4312

Department of Family and Protective Services

Contact: Michelle Carr
Phone: (254)-228-7214

Please note this isn’t an exhaustive list and we will gladly post any local agencies information. CPAs— please message us to get added!


We get lots of questions here at FLBC! We love this because it means you are becoming aware of all the needs in our community and want to jump in!

Here are some of the most frequently asked, but if you don’t get the answer you need, please feel free to ask us directly!

1. Can my church/business/youth club/small group/family/etc. collect items or do a drive to supply physical items for kids in care.

Yes! We have partnered with several local agencies that provide essential items for kids entering the foster care system. These items include clothing-sized preemie though adult plus sized, diapers, wipes, lice kits, luggage, school supplies and toiletry items. **Please note all items must be new.** Contact us for details if you would like more info on how to get started!

2. Where can I donate gently used clothing, furniture, baby items, etc?

There will be times on our Facebook Page when a post is made about a family in need. It will detail specific items, sizes, etc. and list to whom and where the items can be delivered.

If you don’t want to wait, or haven’t seen any need that might fit your item, we suggest a few local organizations since we do not have a storage facility. Additional information and locations can be found on their websites or Facebook pages.

3. Where can I go if I have a specific question or would like to connect with other foster parents?

Although there are many foster and adoptive parents on our Facebook Page, because we are a public page, we can only share general information that might pertain to fostering. (Examples: CPR trainings, upcoming classes, agency information, etc.) A great resource for less general questions would be a group on Facebook, Central Texas Foster and Adoptive Parents Group.

4. Can I make a specific request on the page for my foster child/a family in need?

Because of the size of the group and our county, we have decided to run all requests through a caseworker working with a family in the system, a CASA advocate, or the Care Portal System set up for caseworkers to send needs out to participating churches.

5. Can I donate to Foster Love Bell County?

Yes! Your tax deductible gift can be done online via Paypal or by mail: FLBC P.O. Box 2175 Belton, TX 76513.

6. "Do you have any volunteer opportunities?"

Most of our volunteer opportunities will be posted on our website and our Facebook page as needs arise, and we host different events throughout the year. However, we do have two ongoing needs at the Foster Love House: yard work and house cleaning. If your family, or group would be interested in either of these opportunities, please email us to get on our calendar!

Please note, due to the busyness of the street, and our insurance requirements, everyone that volunteers must be 12 years or older. We also require all volunteers to sign Hold Harmless and Confidentiality Agreements.